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Due to the many different body types, women's clothing sizes can often vary in the way things fit. If you contact me for customized pieces, please send body measure if you are able to obtain them. DESCRIPTION BELOW.

*If you are unable to get your measurements on your own you can go to a tailor shop to have it done for you*

Bust: Measuring tape should wrap around your back to the front around fullest part of your chest not too tight or too loose. Pinch where the tape meets and write down the number in inches.

Waist: Where trouser waistband would be located. It is the area where your pants would naturally sit, slightly below the belly button. Wrap measuring tape around from back to front. Pinch and write the measurement.

Hips: At the fullest part of your hips wrap the measuring tape around the widest part of you buttock back to the front. Pinch and write measurement.

Arm: Measure from the top of your shoulder down to about an inch below your wrist. Write measurement.

Leg: (1) On the outer part of your leg measure from the hip down to about an inch past your ankle. (2) on the inner part of your leg starting at the crotch area measure down to about an inch past your ankle. Write measurement.

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